Desarrollos Prolixus Softech

SOFTECH is a young company made up of a group of professionals in different areas, who are passionate and dedicated to creating solutions in the field of software management development and websites for small and medium sized businesses.


When developing software solutions, we go the extra mile making an effort to know the needs of the company and of all the people who will use the system. Through a detailed analysis of your business processes and the use of proven and efficient methods of analysis, we are confident that the best results possible would not come by mere chance.


SOFTECH is committed to making use of the latest technology in order to create applications that are aimed at full customer satisfaction. We believe that great service brings more clients and projects, and that a good solution implemented in a project boosts the number of referrals by word of mouth, and even helps to make friendships.


To remain at the forefront of technological developments by means of an ever going preparation through research, training, and use of new technologies, focusing on developing and expanding according to our customer and market demands based on service, hard work, professionalism, honesty and support of all members of this company.


Customer Service: It is the basis of our business. In SOFTECH, we guarantee that you will get our best service.
Cost: Our prices are within the reach of small and medium sized business, by means of a fair and competitive quote. The investment you make in SOFTECH solutions offers the best cost / benefit ratio.
Technical Support: In our opinion, this should be the most significant factor when hiring a service provider. Just contact SOFTECH support staff and we will provide a prompt answer to your requests and needs.
Flexibility and Scalability: You may choose to begin with an economical package and then upgrade it according to the growth of your company, your needs, and budget. You are not stuck with a long contract once the service package has been decided.
Confidentiality: We are a serious company and we place the utmost importance to respecting and defending the interests of our clients, the information you provide is strictly confidential.
Experience: We have a strong knowledge in design and the development of applications, and a vast experience on administration management software.


Desarrollos Prolixus Softech


Velez Sarsfield 1170. 5900. Villa María. Córdoba. Argentina
+54 353 4538718, +54 9 353 429-7022, +54 9 3564 474502,


Velez Sarsfield 1170. 5900. Villa María. Córdoba. Argentina
+54 353 4538718, +54 9 353 429-7022, +54 9 3564 474502,